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I’ve been born again. If I become an Eastern Star, or like a Mason, would that prohibit me from going to heaven?

Will it prohibit you from going to heaven if you’re involved in the Masons or Eastern Star or some other eastern mystic religion or practice? Would that stop you from going to heaven?

First, let’s answer that by answering the question “what does get us into heaven?” It’s not religion or being perfect or doing everything right that gets us into heaven. What gets us into heaven is the blood of Jesus Christ. And so, if you put your faith in the blood of Jesus Christ, if you’ve confessed Jesus Christ as the Lord of your life and you believe that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved. Now, that is the only way to be saved. You can’t be saved or go to heaven because you’re a good person, you can’t go to heaven because you’re not a bad person, you can only go to heaven because you’ve received Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior.

Now, does that mean that you should be involved in the Eastern Stars and that sort of thing? No, it doesn’t because even though those things won’t send you to hell, they will complicate your walk with God and they will confuse your walk with God. Because you weren’t created to follow those kinds of sects or religions or practices or fraternities or groups or whatever you call them. They’re not lining up with the Bible. Therefore, they’re not something that is going to help your Christian faith. Can they send you to hell? No, only rejecting Jesus’ blood will send you to hell. Not putting your faith in Jesus’ sacrifice will send you to hell. But those things will confuse you in your relationship with God here on this earth and could hurt your ability to help save somebody else from going to hell

So, I want to really warn you to stay away from those things, not because they’ll send you to hell, but because they will prevent you from being the kind of Christian that you need to be. That’s why you need to be plugged into a church. If you have time to be involved in groups like that, you certainly have time to get involved in a church where you can grow, where you can be healthy and where you can become a mature, strong Christian and then you can help others become mature, strong Christians as well.

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A while ago, I was involved in the Church of Christ out of Boston. And I didn’t feel right about being there. I felt that God was telling me to leave because, for one thing, they believe more in the New Testament rather than in the Old Testament teachings.

You are right to get out of that group. They are a cult. How do I know that? Any group that exalts their doctrine above the Bible is a cult, and when somebody says that you have to be baptized in their church or in their denomination to be saved, that is a lie. That is contrary to Scripture.

Further, the Boston Church of Christ teaches that after you are baptized, you can – and must – live a sinless life. That again is not scriptural. They also teach that you should not use musical instruments in the church, and yet that is contrary to the Scripture. The Bible says that we can play instruments and we should honor God and glorify Him with every instrument (Psalm 150:4).

Here is the tricky part. Do they believe that Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead? Yes, and that is what gives them some semblance of orthodoxy. But outside of that, they say you have to be baptized in their church. So stay away from that group and get into a church that teaches the uncompromised Word of God and has grace and mercy rather than legalism.

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I was wondering if a Muslim can be a Christian because I heard absolutely not. I heard that it is forbidden.

That is a great question. Can a Muslim be a Christian? The answer is absolutely. Jesus died for everybody. We need to understand what it takes to be a Christian. It doesn't take becoming a religious person. What it takes to become a Christian is to be born again. Everyone is born into this world with sin in our lives. We are born as a sinner. Adam's sin made us all sinners when we were born into this earth. That is why Jesus said you must be born again.

So to be born again means when you accept Jesus Christ died for your sins and risen from the dead you are saved. You may have grown up Muslim, Catholic, Presbyterian, atheist or no religion at all. But if you receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior it doesn't matter how you grew up.

What matters is that you believe that Jesus died for your sins and rose from the dead. That is what saves us. Jesus makes his gift of salvation available to anybody. You can't be born into Christianity; you need to be born again. You need to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior. And you will spend eternity with God in heaven. I want this for you and all your relatives and friends and people you are associated with that may be Muslims. We reach out to our Muslim friends and we want them to be saved. But they must receive Jesus Christ as their savoir. They need to believe that Jesus died for their sins and rose from the dead. And that will bring anybody into the gift of salvation.

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I’ve been coming to your non-denominational church since last Summer. I am Jewish. What’s the difference between myself and the non-denominational church? And then, the difference between the non-denominational church and a “regular” church with a priest, crosses and statues? What is it that the Jewish people believe that Christian people don’t believe?

Excellent question. First of all, a person can go to my church or to a Catholic church and they can be saved. They can be Christians no matter what church they go to.

The question is, “what is that church built upon?” Is that church built upon the traditions of men who have established a religious government and a religious structure? Or is that church built upon the foundations of the Bible as the Word of God and as the way in which we find and discover how to live? That’s the difference between the non-denominational and the traditional, mainline denominations such as the Methodists, the Presbyterians or the Catholics.

The non-denominational churches don’t have the traditions that were established by the men who established those denominations. Non-denomination means you don’t have to have an affiliation with this particular denomination. You can come from a Catholic background, you can come from a Presbyterian background, you can come from a Jewish background. And I think that you don’t have to become part of my “non-denomination" denomination. You simply have to desire to grow in the Word of God. Whereas in some denominations, you have to become a part of a particular denomination. And I think that’s where some of the differences are.

I think that we don’t find our symbolism in crosses and statues and things like that. We find our faith in truly taking the Bible and applying it to our everyday lives so that we can not just see that we’re doing our service to God for an hour or two a week, but that we’re taking in the answers from God’s Word and then applying them in our everyday life. Now, people can do that in a Catholic church, they can do that in a Presbyterian church, they can do that in any church.

But the reason why non-denominational churches are the fastest growing churches in the world is because you don’t have to be attached to the tradition of men that have been established in that denomination for years. You rather are attached to whatever the Bible says, plain and simple. And that’s how I believe that everybody should be even if they’re a part of a mainline denomination. They should be true to the Scriptures and truly live practically the way that the Bible says to live.

Now, what is it that the Jewish people believe that Christian people don’t believe? Excellent question. Jewish people believe that the Messiah, the savior of the world who will rescue them and be their savior and be their Lord, they believe that He has not come yet. They believe He’s coming, but they don’t believe that He’s come already.

And the difference is that we believe, according to the Bible and according to history, that Jesus not only claimed to be that Messiah that they were hoping for, but He proved that He was that Messiah through His resurrection, and through His miracles and through His teaching and through all of the prophecies that were predicted in the Old Testament and in the Jewish Torah. All of those prophecies came to pass in Jesus’ life and the Jewish people just have never bought into the fact that He’s their Messiah. They’re waiting for one to still come. Now, He is coming again. But He’s coming for people who already believe in Him now here on this earth.

And so, that’s the difference. They don’t believe that the Messiah has come yet and we believe that He has come and He is Jesus. And I believe that every Jewish person that claims the name of Jesus will experience supernatural peace like they’ve never experienced before because they already know there’s a Messiah coming. Now, they need to put their faith in the fact that He has already come 2000 years ago.

Who are the Jewish people waiting for? They don’t know. The Jewish people know that he is the Messiah. The Jewish people know that he’s the savior. The Jewish people know that he’s going to be the king of kings. But see, those are all the things that Jesus already is. And the devil has deceived the Jewish people by blinding their minds from realizing and recognizing that the Messiah has already come. He proved that He was the Messiah because He fulfilled all of the promises and all of the predictions of the Jewish law in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Most religions and most people believe in “God.” But there’s no way to reach God, there’s no way to meet God and to come into God’s presence except through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It works like this. Every one of us, you, me and everybody else in the world, has sinned. God is perfect and we are not perfect. Because God is perfect, there’s no way to approach a perfect God if we are imperfect people. You know, He’s too holy. He’s all light. He’s all holy and pure and if you come into His presence, you’ll die because He’s perfect.

It’s like coming into the presence of the sun. If you were to fly a ship into the sun, if it were even possible, it would burn up before it even got close because there’s too much light, there’s too much heat. Well, God formed the sun in the palm of His hands so think of how holy and how much light and heat is in the presence of God.

And what that tells us it that there is only one way, God has made only one way for us to be able to approach Him and that’s why blood had to be shed. That’s why Jesus’ blood had to be shed because His blood, being perfect and holy, was shed to cover us from our sins, to wash us from our sins and to cover us so that we could come into the presence of a perfectly holy God without inferiority and without the blemishes of our filth and our sin.

So, God comes to the earth in the form of a man named Jesus and He sheds His blood for our sins and that blood covers us, cleanses us and changes us so that God says, “Now you can come into my presence perfectly cleansed by my perfect blood and now you won’t burn up in my presence because of your sin and your sinfulness. Now you can come into my presence because you’ve been washed by the blood of Jesus Christ.”

So, you can be Jewish and still believe in my church. You can be Jewish and still believe in the Messiah. You can be Jewish and still believe in everything that you’ve ever been taught. I want you to keep coming to the church even if you don’t believe everything I’m saying yet, because you’ll grow in it. I won’t offend you. I’m going to help you and walk with you in that as I teach the Bible. You can always come to my church.

Here’s the thing. You can maintain all of your Jewish beliefs, but you must remember that the only way to heaven is by putting your faith in the Messiah that has already come because only His blood can cleanse us from our sins.

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As a Christian, we believe in Jesus Christ. Other religions, like Muslims, they believe in their heart the Koran, they believe their beliefs and their god. Is that the same God? If the Bible says that Jesus is our savior and they don’t believe that way, what then? You know, when somebody says, “well, the Muslims read the Koran and they just recognize Jesus as a prophet, not the savior, but they believe they are correct, so that’s just their beliefs and that’s okay.” But when I read Scripture, there’s only one way.

Granted, we can believe whatever we want, but only one belief is true. And Jesus said in John chapter 14:6, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, and no one can go to God except through Me.” And so, that’s true whether we believe it or not. Us believing it is what’s going to determine whether we enjoy and experience it. But whether we believe it or not, it’s still true.

So basically, you’re asking, “If a person believes what they believe, does that make it right and will God honor that?” If you know that if you jump off the roof of your house, you’re going to fall and break you leg, but I believe that if I jump off the roof of your house, I’m going to fly, does it really matter what I believe? No. What I believe is not going to change the result, is it? I’m still going to break my leg whether I believe I will or whether I don’t.

The point is that Jesus rose from the dead after being buried for three days. No one else has ever done that. Jesus rose from the dead and His resurrection is the point at which we believe.

Either we’re fools for believing something that isn’t true or we have been brought into the light of the gospel by putting our faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Muhammad did not rise from the dead. I can believe in Muhammad but Muhammad did not die for my sins and Muhammad did not rise from the dead. But Jesus did.

I respect Muslims who truly believe what the Koran teaches. I respect that they will hold to their belief, but that doesn’t make it right. I can honor them and respect them and show them love and appreciation for the fact that they have strong beliefs. But Jesus rose from the dead and that trumps everything.

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