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Is all sin the same? Recently, my pastor taught a Bible study that all sin, whether a serial murder or the stealing of a pencil, is the same and that it all breaks the relationship with God. All consequences are not the same, are they

That’s two different questions. The first one is “Is all sin the same?” And then, the second question is “Are all consequences the same?” Well, the answer to the second question of “Are all consequences the same?” is absolutely not. The consequences of stealing a pencil are much less severe in this earth than the consequences of being a serial murderer. All sin does separate us from God though and only the blood of Jesus will bring us close to God and draw us near to God.

So, in that sense, from God’s point of view, one sin is all it takes to be a sinner. How many murders does it take for you to be considered a murderer? Well, it only takes one. How many rapes to be considered a rapist? It only takes one. How many banks do you have to rob to be considered a bank robber? Usually only one.

In the same way, it only takes one sin to be considered a sinner as far as God’s concerned. In fact, it wasn’t even your one sin that made you a sinner. It was Adam’s sin that made every one of us sinners and that’s why we need to be born again. That’s why we need to be saved. That’s why we need Jesus Christ to come into our life and to give us a brand new heart.

So, is all sin the same? No. But does all of it have the same consequence where our eternal salvation is concerned? Absolutely. Whether you smoked a cigarette or whether you killed somebody, the wages of sin is death, Romans 6:23 says.

Now, most people really misunderstand this because they think, "Well, I’m not as bad as so-and-so or I might not be as good as Mary Poppins but I’m certainly not as bad Adolph Hitler". The fact is that on man’s scale, you might be right; you’re not as bad as the worst criminal and you’re not as good as the best saint.

But the fact is that every one of us are lost and going to hell without Jesus Christ and every one of us are a sinner because of Adam, our forefather, who sinned. And according to Romans chapter 5, “Through one man’s sin, all of us are made sinners.” The better news, thought, is, “Through one Man’s act of righteousness, we are all made righteous.” We’re not made righteous because of what we do; we’re made righteous because of what Jesus did. Just as we’re not sinners because of what we did; we’re made sinners because of what Adam did.

You are not a sinner because of your sin; you are a sinner because of Adam’s sin. And that’s why you need to be born again, whether you were Mother Theresa, whether you were the Pope, whether you were Adolph Hitler or some other mass murderer, you must be born again. That’s why Jesus said, “You cannot enter the kingdom of God without being born again.”

That doesn’t mean that in this life, sins don’t have different consequences. It certainly does mean that. In this earth, in this life, to man, for stealing a pencil, there is going to be much more lenience than stealing a car or stealing some other significant possession.

Well, which sin will send us to hell? Adam’s sin will send us all to hell and only the blood of Jesus can save us. So call on the name of Jesus today and receive Him as your Lord and Savior into your life and into your heart. You can do that right now, without our help. Just ask Him to be your Lord and Savior and you’ll be saved.

Sin - Sin General

Is it a sin for you to masturbate? Or is it a sin to think about masturbation?

It’s not a sin to think about something but it can be a sin to act on that thought. We have to control our thoughts and we have to take thoughts captive. You have to realize that you can’t determine who knocks on your door, but you can determine who you’re going to let in. So a lot of thoughts are going to knock on your door and a lot of temptation is going to come to you but you have to be decisive on what you’re going to allow into your life and which thoughts you’re going to allow into your life.

The only way to really control our thought life is to train ourselves to think the way that God thinks and to think along the lines of the Bible; to meditate on the Word of God. That’s how we’re going to do the right things. That’s how we’re going to live right. As we think right, we’re going to live right. We need to meditate on God’s Word and we need to think about God’s Word and good things will begin to emerge from our lives.

Now, to be specific about your question, “Is it sin to masturbate?” Well, is it sin to get angry? Yes. Is it sin to be afraid? Yes. Is it sin to be mad at somebody and chew them out? Is it a sin to get drunk? I mean, all of these are sins. Is it a sin to masturbate? Yes. Does God forgive? Yes, but is there a place where you draw the line? Yes, I believe that where you draw the line is you draw the line on valuing yourself and having a sense of value and knowing who you are and that God loves you and knowing that you’re approved and accepted by Him. And when you understand the love that God has for you and you understand the approval that God has for you, then you cease to look for gratification with yourself and you get it from God.

The answer to your question is that it is inappropriate. We’ve got to get to the root of why one does that and that is because often people have low self-esteem and people have a low sense of self-worth and they feel a deep sense of guilt and they feel a deep sense of hurt in their life and they withdraw into themselves and then they look for gratification from themselves. What we need to do is look to God and find our freedom, find our forgiveness, find our deliverance from His love and His mercy.

Sin - Sin General

What does the Bible say about Christians getting tattoos after they’ve been saved?

Number one, we’re not under the law of the Old Testament. Not that we should dishonor the Old Testament, which clearly says you shouldn’t mark your body with tattoos. And, while I believe that you should not do that, I don’t believe you come under a curse if you do put a mark on your body.

Now, having said that, we need to understand the root to a thing, not just the fruit. The fruit is that a lot of people put tattoos on their body. But why do they do it? What is the root? I believe anything we do to draw attention to ourselves is usually a mistake and is usually out of insecurity. If I put anything on my body to draw attention to myself… a tattoo is no different than a woman putting something really tight on her body to draw attention to herself , that’s wrong.

And somebody who puts a tattoo on himself or herself to draw attention to themselves, that’s wrong. All attention and glory in our lives should go to God and we should not be drawing attention to ourselves. So anything that honors something above God on our skin is wrong because our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and we should glorify God in our body and with our body.

The next thing I’d say about tattoos is that from what I’ve heard, 85% or so of the people that get tattoos wish a couple of years later they would not have done it. So, there is a case to be made for that. So, you’re not under a curse to put a tattoo on your body, but let’s look at the underlying reasons why people do that and get to the root of it and realize that a lot of it is attention-getting and we need to give our attention and our glory to God, not to ourselves.

Sin - Sin General

I would like to know how God feels about me altering my body. I am thinking about having a breast reduction and I want to do what is right and what God wants me to do.

I do not find anything in Scripture where God disapproves of body reduction or of cosmetic surgery. But God does disapprove when we do things because we don’t love ourselves and we are trying to do something to feel better about ourselves because of a struggle inside of our soul.

You see, external struggles are the result of internal struggles. And the reason why people get cosmetic surgery is often because they don’t like or love themselves so they try to do something to make themselves feel better. Whenever somebody is getting any sort of surgery or work on their body physically or cosmetically for the purpose of feeling better about themselves, then that person is doing it for the wrong reasons.

However, if you simply want to enhance yourself, your health, and your appearance in a safe way and to present yourself for other people in a way that removes obstacles that are always getting in the way of your communication and relationship with people, then there is nothing wrong with that.

The Bible says that our bodies are our stewardship; they are temples of God, and we need to glorify God with our bodies. You should want your body to be at its absolute best, but not out of vanity, pride, or insecurity. Definitely consult a doctor, and be sure that the procedure is safe. And pray about it. If you feel in your heart that it’s OK, it won’t be a problem.

Sin - Sin General

Is it OK for a man to wear an earring?

It depends on what his reason is. If he’s doing it to get attention, it’s not OK. Just as it would be wrong for a woman. If the reason is to get attention, to brag, or to prove that he or she has better jewelry than somebody else, then obviously that’s a problem. In its purest form, though, is it wrong? Not according to the Bible. But it becomes wrong when it’s done to get attention, and that goes for anything you might do “on the outside” to make you feel better about yourself “on the inside.”

We need to get our self-esteem or worth from our fellowship with God and His approval of us. When we do, we don’t need to do certain things just to win approval or get attention. If you’re satisfied with your relationship with the Lord – and still want to wear an earring but not to get attention or deal with some ego problem – then I don’t see anything wrong with it.

The external things that people do are rooted in internal things. To create laws that eradicate those external things, without dealing with the hard issue of why a person finds them necessary, is really just “religion,” and I’m not into that at all. You need to go to the root of why a person does something and that, in and of itself, determines right or wrong.

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