Parenting - School Issues

My husband and I have an 18 year old daughter who has been given a scholarship to the college of her choice but it’s not enough to offset some of the major expenses. This child shows no initiative around the house. My husband is so disenchanted that he does not want to put forth the effort financially to send her to college because he’s afraid that we are sending a totally unprepared child off into the lion’s den. Do we put ourselves out to send her to college?

Excellent question. And my answer to you is “Absolutely not.” A child that does not take initiative at home will not take initiative in college. She will waste your money and she will waste the scholarship money as well.

The Bible says to be faithful in the little and God will put you in charge over much. If you’re faithful in the little things, you’ll be faithful in the bigger things. If you’re unfaithful in the little, you’ll be unfaithful in much. So, have her stay at home and give her specific responsibilities in your house and send her to a community college in your neighborhood where she can show and demonstrate faithfulness and demonstrate effort and demonstrate initiative.

Until she does, until she gets great grades and shows improvement in taking initiative at home, do not, under any circumstances, send your child away to college.

Parenting - School Issues

I am a single parent, and my 15-year-old is struggling with school. About four or five weeks ago, his grades came out and they were pretty good. So, when I went to his school yesterday, I was expecting to see that his grades had increased a little bit. Instead, he went from an A to an F. Help!

You’ve got to get to the root. Something has to be going on for him to go from good grades to flunking within five weeks. A lot of times as parents, we are inconsistent with discipline, inconsistent in our rewards, and inconsistent in our punishment of our children.

I recommend that you establish a clear, consistent set of rewards and consequences for his behavior in school because from what I hear you saying, he’s a smart enough young man to do well all the time. You just have to give him incentive. You have to let him know what the consistent rules are and what the rewards are as well.

So sit down and write out a bunch of rules and say, “Here are the goals. Here is what you are going to achieve. Here are the consequences if you don’t.” Obviously, you’ve got to be fair – and be creative; come up with a system that will motivate him.

You’ve also got to work with him on a weekly basis so that it doesn’t get five weeks down the road and all of a sudden he’s failing again. I know how busy you are. You are a single mother, and I empathize with you. But you have to be in his life more consistently and you have to be in communication with his teachers more consistently.

Parenting - School Issues

My 14 year old daughter came home from school today and said she had run into a problem. They taught about evolution and she was extremely upset. I know she is not all that strong in words right now. I’m just trying to find out if religion is not allowed in the schools how they can promote evolution? I was upset when she came home and she was upset.

That’s the question of the hour in our nation. It is really sad and sickening, quite frankly, that children are subjected to theories called evolution, which is not a proven fact. It is not a scientific fact. There is no evidence to support that we evolved from anything.

The fact is that as we have developed, our bodies have gotten worse. In the first centuries, people actually lived much longer. The people in the Old Testament lived 500, 600, 700, 800 or 900 years. It is amazing that we could actually believe that we came from an ape.

Here is what you do. Sit down with your daughter and talk to her; read her the Bible and show her how God created the world. You tell her there will be people that will tell you otherwise so she will have to be strong in what she believes. Tell her to believe what the Bible says. The Bible is the final authority. The textbooks that are evolutionist and the textbooks they put in front of your children in school are only 30 or 40 years old. The Bible is thousands of years old and is tried and true. It has been tested.

I want you to get a book written by Josh McDowell called Evidence That Demands a Verdict. It clearly goes through the scientific reasons for creation, the scientific reasons why evolution isn’t true, scientific reasons why the Bible is true and why the Bible is the Word of God. Get that book and read it to your daughter. It is very intelligent, so you will have to break it down into understandable things.

Read her the book of Genesis. Show her how God created Adam and Eve. You have to realize they will program her to believe in their thinking if you don’t beat them to it. You have to de-program her every day and find out what they’re teaching her. Then give her the truth and she will be able to trust you.

If it gets worse and it continues to get worse, find a way to get her out of there and get her in a Christian school or home school her if you have to, which isn’t a bad idea. We home-schooled our children for years and just recently put them in the school we started because we were so fed up with the education that America offers people. It is pathetic, unrighteous and unbiblical.

You’ve got to sit down with your daughter. You’ve got to read her the Bible again. She’s not too old. I read to my kids still. She is going to have to be able to decide for herself and have an answer when people come and lie to her. In college, it just gets worse because they believe their lies and they are convinced of it. But, it’s just theory.

What they should do is teach it as theory and teach creation as well and let people decide for themselves. That is a better use of the public education. I have very little confidence in public education -- not public educators. There are a lot of great people in public education; great teachers and great administrators. The system is broken. The system needs to be fixed. When we took God out of the schools, it messed everything up. Protect your children. Pull them close to you and talk to them and continue to work with them and tell them the truth.