Marriage - Multiple Spouses

It’s clear in the New Testament that God considers adultery and fornication to be sin. Even though there seems to have been serious consequences for some of the great Old Testament patriarchs, why does the Old or New Testament not address the multiple wives and concubines that great men such as Moses, David and Solomon had?

Well, that’s a question for the ages. I think people have been asking that ever since the New Testament was written. Why was David able to have so many wives and Solomon was able to have so many wives and concubines and why is there no addressing of that issue? And yet, in the New Testament, there actually is. The New Testament clearly shows that a man of God, a man that is truly after God’s heart in the New Testament, should be the husband of one wife.

That doesn’t mean that he’s never been married before for, perhaps, somebody who’s been through a divorce and they had a rough background and they got saved and they started to serve God. You can’t think that just because you’ve had a divorce in the past that you can’t be married again in the future. But the point is that he needs to be the husband of one wife. That means one wife at a time. And why is that? Because it’s hard enough to be married to one person and learn how to live an unselfish life and learn how to give. And marriage is to give, it’s not to take. And in those Old Testament men’s lives, they weren’t treating marriage as an institution to give; they were treating it as something for them to take. And they were Old Testament men meaning they weren’t born again people, they weren’t saved, they didn’t have a new spirit. There was no way that they could be restrained in their bodies from multiple partners.

But in the New Testament, when we’re born again as new creatures in Christ, we do have the ability to restrain ourselves. I’m living proof. I’m a Middle Eastern man, a hot-blooded Middle Eastern man who has every reason to, if I was not saved, to have the same desires that Middle Eastern David and Middle Eastern Solomon had to have multiple spouses and multiple concubines. But I’m living proof that as a born-again Christian, I’ve been with one woman and one woman only and that woman is sitting across the table from me right now and she has been satisfying to me. Apparently, they didn’t read Proverbs chapter 5… Well, one of them did, because one of them wrote it. And I think Solomon later understood the heartache from so many relationships and that’s why he said that you should enjoy the wife of your youth. You should be a one-woman man. And her body should satisfy you at all times. And that’s even what Solomon wrote.

So the Bible does address it. I Timothy chapter 3, chapter 4. 2 Timothy as well. And Jesus said from the beginning that a man should leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife – singular. Not cleave to his “wives.” So it’s clear. They were in sin. Yes, it may have been considered marriage at that time, but it’s not God’s will any more. It wasn’t God’s will then, but God tolerated it I believe. But it’s not God’s will for us to have more than one wife according to I Timothy and according to Jesus.