Divorce - Moving on Afterward

I have been through a painful divorce this year. On one hand, I want to learn more about God; on the other, I tend to blame Him for what has gone wrong in my life.

Well, you first need to forgive. It’s a command from God That forgiveness is something important; if you don’t give it, then it won’t be given back to you. Give and it shall be given. Forgive and you’ll be forgiven. You need to forgive your ex-husband, you need to forgive anybody who’s hurt you.

But where do you go from here is the real question. The Bible says in Psalm 11:3, “If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” In other words, even if you are saved, you are not going to be successful in your Christian life if you don’t have a firm foundation. You could have a building that has all the greatest furniture and all the most beautiful lighting and the most beautiful decorations, but if that building does not have a firm foundation, then nothing is going to help that thing stand.

How do you build that foundation? First, you need to have a daily time with God, to pray and to read His Word. Second, you need a church home where you grow and be in relationship with people of faith who can help you through the rough times. You can’t do this alone, but you alone can make the first step. I urge you to do that.