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I was told that discerning bad/negative things was not from the Holy Spirit. Is this true? I thought that the Holy Spirit always warns you of things ahead of time.

Well, I don’t know. Maybe you misunderstood if somebody told you that discerning bad things is not of the holy spirit. Well, it may be of the Holy Spirit, or may be just of your spirit. You can discern the difference between good and evil by having your senses trained according to Hebrews 5. You need to train your senses to surrender to the will of God, surrender to the Word of God, And then you’ll be able to differentiate between good vs. bad, and the Holy Spirit will help you do that. But you need to recognize that the Bible also will show you the difference between good and evil, and your own conscience will tell you the difference between good and evil, and the Holy Spirit will help as well.

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Is it possible after a person receives the Holy Spirit for them to shake violently and to have radical hand movements after the first day and even maybe after a year and a half or two years later? Is that normal?

I don’t believe that it is normal. I see in Scripture that the room that they were standing in shook. I see in Scripture that the apostle Paul and Silas were in prison, praising God and praying and the prison shook. But, I don’t know of any examples where people actually shake. It’s certainly possible and it’s certainly reasonable that if the earth can shake, a human body could as well under the power of God and under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

But what really matters most is that we have the fruit of the Holy Spirit in our lives. The evidence of the power of the Holy Spirit is love. The real evidence. And so, is it possible that somebody can shake and then even a year later shake? Yes, it’s absolutely possible.

But the way to measure whether the power of God is really in that person is did that person’s life change? Is there love flowing in their life? Are they walking in the fruit of God’s spirit? And that’s the most essential evidence of God’s presence and God’s power in somebody’s life. And it doesn’t mean that it’s not the Holy Spirit causing somebody to shake. There was a whole movement, a whole denomination that came out of people shaking under the power of God, called the Quakers years ago, so it is very possible. It’s just not something that is typical.

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I hear a lot of times where people will say, “Oh, that was an anointed message,” or “This person was anointed,” or “That’s anointed.” I just wanted you to give me an understanding on how do you know when the anointing is present?

That’s a great question. How do you know the anointing is present? Sometimes people sing a really great song and somebody says, “Wow, wasn’t that anointed?” Or somebody preaches a sermon and somebody says, “Wow, isn’t that guy anointed? Wasn’t that anointed?”

According to Isaiah 10:27, the Bible says that the anointing removes burdens and destroys yokes. It removes burdens and destroys yokes. And it sets the captives free, according to Luke 4. So the way that we know if something’s anointed is very simple. If it removed a burden, if it destroyed a yoke, or if it set a captive free, then you know that it was anointed.

If it just gives us goose-bumps and give us feelings, or somebody lays hands on us and we fall down and we feel like, “Wow, weren’t we anointed?” -- There is nothing wrong with laying hands on people. We believe in that. The Bible is clearly supportive of that, and teaches us to do that -- But unless it removes a burden and destroys a yoke, all it was, was a nice experience, but it wasn’t anointed unless it removed somebody’s burden and destroyed somebody’s yoke.

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Does the Holy Spirit depart from a backslider?

No, the Holy Spirit does not depart from a backslider or from anybody. The Bible says that once God gives His gifts – and one of those gifts is the gift of the Holy Spirit written about in Romans chapter 11 – God’s gifts are irrevocable. God will not take his Holy Spirit from us.

David prayed in Psalm chapter 51, “Take not thy Holy Spirit from me.” But David was not a born again believer. He was a believer in God through the old covenant, but not through the new covenant. In the old covenant or Old Testament, people were right with God because God came upon them. But in the New Testament, God comes to live inside of us by the Holy Spirit.

Now, if somebody backslides, does God leave them? No. In Hebrews chapter 13, God says, “I will never leave you and I will never forsake you.” He doesn’t say, “I’ll never leave you as long as you don’t leave me.” He says, “I will never leave you and I will never forsake you.” Period.

Now, does that mean He’s happy with somebody that backslides? No. He wants them to come back to Him. But He’s not going to take His Holy Spirit from them. In fact, He leaves His Holy Spirit as the deposit of our future inheritance in heaven. And He wants us to know that He is going to be faithful to us. Even when we’re not faithful to Him, He’s going to be faithful to us nevertheless.

When a person is backslidden, they need to be free from the guilt of thinking that God has left them. And they should come back to God, not because they feel guilty, but because He loves them and because He hasn’t left them. When a person backslides and knows that God still loves them and God hasn’t left them and God’s still with them and even when we’re not with Him, He’s with us, that does something to somebody’s heart. That makes you want to draw closer to God rather than running away from Him.

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I am confused about the "presence" of the Holy Spirit. Why is there such an emphasis on His being present, particularly during worship, and not so much emphasis on His being present at other times? Since, I believe that Worship is the entrance to His presence, is that how we stay in His presence?

The church needs to understand that worship is not the entrance into God’s presence. Preachers have preached that and churches have believed that. They thought and practiced that, but it is unscriptural. What brings us into the presence of God is Hebrews 10:19, we come into the holy of holies by the blood of Jesus. It is the blood of Jesus that brings us into God’s presence.

God’s presence is not something that should be only emphasized during praise or worship. The presence of the Holy Spirit should be emphasized at all times because He lives in us. Because we put our faith in the blood of Jesus, the blood removes the veil between God and man. So we can be in the holy place and the holy one can live inside of us through His goodness and grace because of the blood of Jesus. Now we can be in the presence of God for ever and ever.