Doctrine - Heaven and Hell

I just wanted you to touch on the concept of hell. I've talked with many different believers about what exactly it means to go to hell and some people have the notion of it being going to sleep, or going ashes back to ashes and other people take it to mean a very literal tormenting of a physical self kind of a place. Could you talk about that?

There is a real hell and there is a real heaven and the Bible talks about that in Luke chapter 15. The Bible talks about hell being terrible punishment, terrible torment. It is fire, where the Bible says the fire is never quenched and the worm never stops eating. And it's a miserable place and not a place that anybody should go. That's why the great price, the great sacrifice that Jesus made is so honorable and so worthy. He wouldn't pay such a great price if there wasn't such a terrible consequence without it and the terrible consequence is hell.