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My question is how to hear from God. My husband moved out in the earlier part of the year and he has not made any efforts to reconcile our marriage. I just need to know direction like how to hear from God to know should I just wait upon the Lord or just what do I need to do to hear from God to know what to do?

I think there are several ways that you can hear from God. One of them is obviously, there are Scriptures in the Word of God that will speak to you as you’re reading your Bible. In your case, I would encourage you to read and meditate in the book of Psalms and let God speak to you through that book. Obviously, you need to hear something right away and something specific.

The way that I believe that people can hear from God. Number one, obey God in the little things that you already know to do. Luke 16:10 says, “He that is faithful in the little will be faithful also in much.” So, if you obey God in the little things that you already know to do, then you’ll clear your head and you’ll be able to hear what God wants you to do about your marriage situation, about your husband and about the big things. That’s a big thing, your situation with your husband. So, you need to check, do sort of an inventory about “Am I obeying God in the little things?”

And if you’re listening to God in the little things that you already know to be true, and in the Bible, like tithing and forgiving people that have hurt you and praising God when you feel down and being thankful for everything that you have. If you obey Him in little things like that, then you’ll be able to position yourself to hear Him in the big things concerning your husband and your marriage. That’s number one; obey Him in the little things and do an inventory and make sure you’re doing that.

Number two, we’ve got to put ourselves in a position to hear God’s voice. So we have to listen. There’s a Scripture in Isaiah 50:4 and it says, “Morning by morning, I will waken to hear what He will say to me.” I will awaken to listen to what God will say to me. So, get up in the morning and listen. I like to pray in the spirit for a while and then, what I would encourage you to do is after you pray in the Holy Spirit, then listen. Just be quiet and be still and listen to see what He says to you.

You will hear His voice if you do those two things, but I’m not done. It’s a little mini sermon for you here. Thirdly, be consistent in getting up every morning and listening to His voice because God will build little by little upon what you’re hearing. He says “Morning by morning, I will listen” in Isaiah 50:4. Morning by morning, so there’s got to be consistency. Every morning listen to God and say, “God what do you want me to do about this situation?” Listen to Him morning by morning. Pray in the Holy Spirit and then wait and listen to what He would say to you and when the time comes, when you’re in a situation when you don’t know what to do, His voice is going to speak to you very clearly. And you’re going to hear what to do about your husband’s situation.

Number four, never listen to a voice that is contrary to the Word of God. So if you hear something and it doesn’t line up with Scripture, then that’s not the voice of God.

And number five, expect God to speak to you today. I’m going to give you an assignment. If you want to hear the voice of God, read Hebrews chapters 3 and 4 and you will become more sensitive to hearing the voice of God as you study those chapters.

Number six, keep a soft heart. How do you do that? Number one, you’re willing to do what God tells you to do before He tells you to do it. Before you hear from Him, you’ve got to be willing to do it before He even tells you. Number two, be thankful for what God has already done in your life. That’ll help you keep a soft heart. And number three, hold nothing against anyone for any reason. So, forgive your husband, forgive yourself, forgive anyone who’s ever hurt you and you will have a soft heart and you will hear the voice of God. You follow those steps and your life will be changed forever, not only where your husband is concerned, but in every area of your life. Go to our website. We have some more information about hearing the voice of God there and I know it’ll help you and I know it’ll minister to you.

God's Voice

What’s the difference between the voice that’s telling the Christian and the voice that’s telling the non-Christian?

I think that, first of all, there are several voices inside of a person. One of them is the voice of their conscience. A non-Christian still has a conscience. The Bible talks about in Romans chapter one about how we all have a conscience and we know right from wrong. So, I think that’s the difference right there. The non-Christian still is hearing their conscience speak to them. And we also even when we’re non-Christians, we hear our own heart telling us things.

So we have our conscience and we have our own mind or our experiences. But when you’re a Christian, you not only have your conscience to speak to you and your own heart to speak to you, but now you have the Holy Spirit to speak to you and it causes things to be amplified and get louder and make it even clearer. And so, that would be how I would describe the difference between the Christian’s ability to know right from wrong versus a non-Christian’s ability to know right from wrong. And the Holy Spirit not only gives us a clear understanding of right from wrong, but the Holy Spirit also gives us the wisdom and the encouragement and the strength to do what’s right.

God's Voice

When something is on your heart, how do you know it’s from God and not just the zeal you have?

There are several tests to discover whether something is of God. The Bible says, “His Word is tested.” So when you think you’ve heard from God, first go to Scripture and see whether Scripture supports it.

Second, search your own heart and see whether that’s the desire of your heart. God says in Psalm 37:4, “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” He gives us the desires of our heart!

The third thing you do is present it to the Lord and say, “Lord if this is of you, have it stay, have it continue to grow within me.” “For whatever is born of God,” according to 1 John 5:4, “overcomes the world.” What’s in the world? Temptation, distraction, lust, other things that can choke the Word. If something is really born of God, it is going to overcome whatever distractions try to come against you.

Finally, you should confirm it with other people. 2 Corinthians 13 says, “Let fact be confirmed out of the mouths of three or four witnesses.” So what you have to do is put it in front of godly people in your life, and they can give you some godly advice. They shouldn’t tell you what to do, but they should confirm whether their spirit bears witness with your spirit.

God's Voice

Why can’t I understand the Bible or even hear the Lord’s voice?

Well, first of all, John 10 says you can hear his voice. When you read the Bible, it is God speaking to you. The promises in the Bible. The encouragement in the Bible. Read the book of Psalms and put yourself in David’s position and you’ll hear God speak to you through the book of Psalms. Read the book of John. These are Scriptures that will really help you to understand what God is trying to say to you.

And with that in mind, there are a lot of people that are saying, “Why can’t I understand the Bible? Why can’t I understand what God is saying and what the Word of God means? It’s because people have never been taught to read the Bible and understand the Bible the way that it was meant to be read and understood. And so I want to get you the tape “How to Read and understand the Bible.” It will really practically take you through how to truly know what the Bible means and what to read in the Bible and how to start. If you’ve already started and you’ve been confused like I was, this will help you get rid of the confusion.

God's Voice

I’m in my mid-forties and facing a dilemma as far as my professional career is concerned. I went to school for a number of years. For 9 years, I worked for a Pharmaceutical company. It got bought out and I was kicked out along with 5000 other people. I have a family to feed meanwhile. My choices are I either move and I go on the east coast or the west coast to stay in my field or I stay around here where all of my friends are and my church is and all of that that I’ve built up for so many years with my family and for my family and do something else and that would be with working with my hands. How do you go about that?

I know a lot of people deal with similar situations. You have to follow the Lord’s will for you life. And how do you know the Lord’s will? Number one, He leads us by His Word, His Scriptures. Number two, He leads us by His Spirit. And number three, He leads us by the peace of God that is in our heart.

And if the direction that we’re looking for is not in the scriptures, if you can’t find it in the Scriptures, you don’t seem to be hearing the voice of the Lord through the Holy Spirit, then you fall back on the peace of God that passes all comprehension. And if we’re not seeing it in the Scriptures and not hearing it from the Holy Spirit, then we need to say, “Alright, what do I have peace about in my heart?”

Colossians chapter 3 says, “Let the peace of God act as umpire in your heart, ruling and deciding for you which direction you should go in.” So, what you have to ask yourself is, “do you have peace in your heart about staying in the city you’re in, staying in the church your in, staying with the friends that you have and taking a different career path and working hard at working with your hands and developing a new gift and a new talent and a new ability? Do you have peace about that? Or do you have more peace about moving to the east or west coast and staying in the field that you’ve worked in.

If you have more peace about one or the other, then that’s the choice you need to stick with because that’s the Lord trying to speak to you and give you a peace about that. But you should also have some deadlines for yourself. Like, “within three months, I’ve got to be making ‘x’ number of dollars.” Don’t make it unrealistic, but make some goals for yourself so that you can provide for your family.

There are times when we’re looking for direction from God that we don’t find it exactly in the Scripture, we don’t find it in the voice of the Holy Spirit, so we should look for it in the peace of God that is in our heart. We shouldn’t look for the peace of God when we know that the Scripture clearly teaches something already. Whether you have peace or not, you should do what the Scripture says.

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