Dreams and Visions

Does God talk to us through dreams?

According to Joel 2 and Acts 2, “In the last days, young men will have visions and old men will dream dreams.” We see throughout the Bible examples where God uses dreams. He spoke to Joseph and Peter through dreams. So He absolutely does speak to us through dreams.

But not every dream is necessarily from God; we have to make sure that the dream is biblical. And we do that by comparing it to what the Bible teaches. In other words, if you had a dream that you were to marry somebody else’s husband, that dream wasn’t from God. It’s contrary to the Bible. It would require somebody to get a divorce, to fail in their marriage in order for that dream to be fulfilled in your life. In principle, the answer to your question is absolutely, God speaks to us through dreams. But practically speaking, you’ve got to test a dream and measure it with what the Bible teaches to make sure that it lines up with the Bible and scriptural principles.