Emotions - Depression

How do I stay in the Word of God? I build myself up and then I get depressed thinking nothing will change, and I know in my heart that it’s not true. I don’t discourage others when I feel this way, I keep His Word alive, but I lose myself.

How do you stay in the Word of God when you get depressed? Well, you’ve got to realize that depression is a deceptive feeling, and if you allow it to rule your life, then depression is your Lord. Don’t let it rule your life. You let the Word of God rule your life, and you keep believing the Word of God.

It says in James 1:2, “Count it all joy when you encounter various trials.” So if you have trials, if you’re having difficulty in an area of your life, whether it’s depression or anything else, here’s what God tells us to do: Praise God anyway. Rejoice. And praise God. And you are going to break out of that depression. You can break out of that oppression. Jesus said he came to deliver. “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,” in Luke 4:18 he said, “to set free those that are oppressed.” And so if you’re oppressed or depressed, the Spirit of God will deliver you. So you keep praising God, you keep speaking God’s Word, believing God’s Word, and you can break out of any depression.

And if you need to see a doctor, then do that. But realize that doctors are men. You know, they can help us to a degree, but what we really need is we really need to go to God for answers, and go to God for joy. The joy of the Lord is our strength. And joy comes from believing the Word of God. So you’ve got to be believing the Word of God. Adam and Eve got depressed when stopped believing the Word of God, it led them to sin. And Cain got depressed and it caused him to sin. He got depressed and he stopped believing God’s Word and he started believing a lie, and thought that his real problem was his brother, so that he could take out his problem, but his problem never went away, his problem got worse.

Emotions - Depression

I have my father living with me and he has lung cancer. So, I went to the doctor and asked him if it’s possible to get depressed being a caretaker. He said “yes” and gave me a prescription. The thing is, I’m a new Christian and I’m trying to have that motivation to go about renewing the mind, going through the steps of reading and everything. But there are days when I don’t have that motivation to do a lot of things. And I don’t like the way I feel. So, what does God say about that?

Well, He says a lot. Let me first say that you’re not alone and that a lot of people deal with depression and with feelings that you’re feeling. It starts in the book of Genesis chapter 4 where Cain and Abel had a confrontation. Cain thought that Abel was his problem, the issue in his life and that if he could get rid of Abel, then he could get rid of his problem. The Bible says that God came to Cain after his offering was rejected and the reason his offering was rejected was because he didn’t put God first. And the Bible says his countenance fell. And God came to Cain and said, “Why has your countenance fallen?” In other words, “Why is your face sad? Why are you depressed? Why have you lost your joy?” And He said, “Sin is crouching at the door right now and you must master it or it will master you.”

That’s where our whole teaching called Mastering Your Emotions came out of was that passage of Scripture. The first thing that we have to identify is that Cain was sad and his countenance had fallen and he was depressed. The first reason was that he didn’t put God first. He had God in his life, but God wasn’t first in his life. Step number one to get that joy back and get rid of that feeling of depression and feeling like giving up and all that’s associated with that is that you got to put God first. Put Him first in your life, your attitude, your tithes and offerings, in your finances. It’s putting God first, really making Him your Lord. Not just fitting Him in your life, but making Him your life.

Number two, Cain thought his problem was with Abel and if Abel changed, then he would be happy. So, the second thing you got to do is to resist the temptation to feel like when somebody else changes, then that’ll make you happy. And then, step number three is that you have to realize that depression, sadness and grief is always knocking at the door, “crouching at the door” the Bible says. And you have to not let it in the door and keep the door shut on it. Keep your eyes on Jesus and you will break out of those feelings of depression. You have to walk by faith and do what you know is right because the Word of God says to do it whether you feel like it or not. The feelings will come and go. But God wants you to know He is on your side and He’s for you and you’re going to make it through this.

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Emotions - Depression

My problem is that I’ve struggled with depression all my life and I’m in my fifties now. And the Lord has really saved me out of some terrible situations. I was in immorality and I was in some cult religions and I recommitted myself to the Lord about four years ago. I feel like I’m doing everything I can possible do in terms of reading the Word seriously and I’m in your church and I listen to all the teaching tapes. I’m not on medication anymore. Outwardly, it looks like I have a successful life, but I just never really feel like I’m happy, so I don’t feel like I can witness to anybody because I want to say, “Look at what the Lord has done for me,” but I don’t feel happy. I know feelings aren’t the important thing and I act over my feelings and it seems like I should feel happy a little bit more.

And you know what? God wants you to be happy. But you’re right. First of all, I congratulate you on acting over your feelings rather than allowing your feelings to prevail over you. So that’s a good thing. And you’re doing the right thing and you’re doing a great job. Keep doing that.

The thing about sharing the gospel with other people, we need to realize the number one reason to minister or witness to other people is not because of the feelings that we have or the happiness that we feel because of the Lord, but because there is a heaven and there is a hell and without Jesus, there is no hope to be saved. There is no hope for eternal life without Jesus Christ and that should be enough of a reason to minister to people. Don’t let your feelings stop you, because the reason people should serve God is not because of “Oh, look at what He’s done for me.” But it’s because, “Look at what He’s done for you. He died for your sins so that you could have a way into heaven and a way to have eternal life.”

So, turn the table on the devil on that one and let people know, and you need to know in your mind and heart, it’s not about what God has done for you or about how you feel right now. But it’s about what Jesus has done for that person. And whether we feel it or not, Jesus died for their sins and rose from the dead so that they could be saved.

Now, with depression - and thank God you’re off medication and life is successful on the outside - but yes, there needs to be an infusion of happiness. Here’s what I want to encourage you to do. Go to the Scriptures and look in your concordance and find all the places in the concordance where the word “Happy” is mentioned and look up those Scriptures and do a Bible study because there are several things the Bible says will produce happiness. And if the Word of God is true, which you and I know that it is, if you will do the things that the Bible says produce happiness, you will experience happiness. So go to the Scriptures.

For example, I’ll give you one. Romans 14 it says, “Happy is the man that does not condemn himself.” So chances are, if there’s unhappiness in your life, one of the possible reasons is that you condemn yourself easily, you beat yourself up about your mistakes easily, you feel bad about the shortcomings in your life. So what I want you to do is look up those Scriptures where the word “happy” is found in the Bible and start meditating on those things and you are going to see a change. In the meantime, whether you see a change or not, you need to know that God is very pleased with you for acting over your feelings.

Emotions - Depression

I would like to know how to deal with a state of despair and despondency?

How do you deal with a state of despair and despondency? Well, there’s a number of ways you deal with that. Number one, you put your hope in God. You take your eyes off of the people that have disappointed you and the things in life that have disappointed you and you put your hope in God. Put your trust in Him. Put your confidence in Him. Put your eyes on Him because He’s the only one that will never disappoint, He’s the only one that will never leave you in despair; He’s the only one that will never leave you despondent. So call upon Him and look to Him.

Psalm chapter 42, “Why so downcast? Why so in despair O my soul? Put your hope in God.” See, when you put your hope in God, that’s when you’re going to be free from despair. But when your hope is in anything else or in anyone else, you’re going to lose hope. When your confidence is in people rather than in God, you’re going to end up being depressed and disappointed. So, that’s the number one way to overcome despair and despondency is to put your hope back in God. Get your eyes on Him and He will not disappoint you.

Emotions - Depression

Could it be God's will for me to have depression, anxiety and panic attacks, for a period of time, or does He not want that at all?

No, God doesn’t want that at all. It’s not God’s will for you to be depressed. It’s not God’s will for you to have anxiety and attacks. The Bible says that God wants you to have peace and joy, according to Romans 15:13. And as you meditate on that Word, it will show you one of the ways that you can have peace and joy. Romans 15:13.

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