Death - Cremation

My question is in relation to cremation. I’ve heard several things about it, and more often than not I’ve heard that it’s a sin. And I was just wondering if it is a sin, and what makes it wrong?

I don’t find anything in the Bible that says cremation is a sin. I think that if you’re cremating a body to honor some sort of idol or to honor some sort of god that’s not the Lord God, then clearly that’s a sin. But the cremation of a body, the turning a body into ashes, to me is just speeding up the process of what our bodies are going to become anyway. Because the Bible says from dust you were taken and to dust you’re going to return. God’s going to give us a new body. I think some people say, “Well, if I cremate my body, how’s God going to put it all back together when Jesus returns?” Well, if he needs those ashes to put us together, we’re really in trouble. I think God is a little more powerful and a little more creative than that.

And so, no, there’s nothing that I find in the Scripture where cremation is a sin. Because we’re all going to turn to dust eventually, anyway, physically, and God is going to give us a new body when he returns. All of our bodies are going to decay, and even if it turns to dust, that’s what we came from. God can take it. He can do it again. If he did it once he can do it again. He’ll gather up all that dust, he’ll call forth all the dust that has your DNA on it and he’ll say, “Come forth!” and he’ll give you a new body. God can do anything. So, I wouldn’t worry about that.