I viewed your ministry on tv on communion, and I would like to begin taking communion everyday. What confession can I use when taking it?

This is one of the ways Pastor prays with the church when he is administering communion during service.


In the name of Jesus, I believe the body of Jesus Christ is anointed and every burden will be removed and every yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing. As I eat this bread, I am eating the anointing and I’m becoming one with the anointing when I eat this bread in Jesus' name, amen. Now let's eat the bread.

Praise the Lord. Father, thank you for your anointing being released in every person's life to remove every burden and to destroy every yoke in the name of Jesus.

Now let's drink the cup. Heavenly father, I believe your blood is blessed. I believe your blood is healthy. I believe your blood cleanses me. As I drink your blood, as I drink this cup, I am receiving your blessing. I am receiving your cleansing. I am receiving your healing in Jesus' name, amen. Now drink that cup.

Thank you, Lord. Praise you, Jesus. Father, bless me and release healing power and the anointing that removes every burden and destroys every yoke today in Jesus' name, amen.


I would like information on communion. Is there more to it than breaking bread and drinking the wine?

Well, sure, there’s more to it. It’s what it means and what it represents. All of that can be found on our tape series on the Cup of Blessing, which I encourage you to get. The bread represents the body of Jesus, and the body is anointed according to Mark 14. So the body represents the anointing. The blood represents forgiveness and it represents our blessing or our inheritance according to 1 Corinthians 10.

By putting our faith in the blood of Jesus, we’re receiving forgiveness and we’re receiving our inheritance. The body represents the anointing. The blood represents the blessing and forgiveness. I would also say get our teaching on that because it will really revolutionize your whole life and your whole outlook on communion. Taking communion is a lifestyle that we should have.


I wanted to ask you a question about taking Communion in the privacy of your own home. I have a lot of health issues and I’m facing three different surgeries. Can you tell me what would be the proper way to take Communion in my home? I don’t want to do the wrong thing.

Absolutely, I’d be happy to tell you how to do that. First of all, the Bible says, “As often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, do this in remembrance of me.” If you’re doing it to proclaim the power of Jesus Christ, to put your faith in the blood of Jesus Christ, you can do it at home, you can do it at church you can do it in your car. I’ve taken Communion in my car. I’ve taken Communion in my home. I’ve taken Communion at church. I’ve taken Communion in my office. It’s a gift from God that God has blessed us with. So first of all, you've got to do it by faith. You've got to know and believe that the power of God will flow through that bread and through that cup.

Secondly, you have to understand what it is you’re believing for. You have to lock in on something that you’re believing for, and then apply your faith to and apply the Body and the Blood to that thing that you’re believing for. In your case, for healing.

And I would encourage you to get our teaching on the subject of Communion. We have a whole series on the Communion Life collection, and I encourage you to get that. Call our toll-free Product line number at 1-888-438-5433 for that product. We’ll ship it out to you. It has a CD, it has a tape series, it has a 30-day devotional all about Communion, and you can take Communion every day. I encourage you to take Communion every day, along with one of those promises on the Blood of Jesus in our 30-day devotional booklet that will really help you.

But by all means, you can go right to it. You can get the bread, get the cup, eat it in Jesus’ name; drink it in Jesus’ name. Put your faith in His sacrifice and realize that His blood can cleanse you from any sin, and heal you from any sickness.


Do you have to confess all your sins before you take communion?

Well, it would be impossible. You should be cognizant of the thing that you’re putting your faith in. When you’re taking communion, you’re saying, "Lord I believe in your blood and I believe your blood cleanses me from all sins, and here are some of the sins that I know of that I believe your blood cleanses me from..."

But no, to think you can only take communion if you’ve confessed all of your sins is very difficult because you’ll miss one or two perhaps. So what you’re knowledgeable about, you should bring before the Lord, but you don’t have to wait for communion before you bring that before the Lord. Confess your sin before the Lord anytime you’ve sinned. Don’t build up a big record of sin and then lay it all out before God. You can be confessing sin when it happens, and then put your faith in God to give you the strength to stop doing it.


If you are fasting, should you take the Lord's supper?

I certainly endorse that when you’re fasting, as the Lord leads you, and as you decide what kind of fast you're doing. If you want to have an absolute fast without any food, then no, you shouldn’t take the Lord’s supper. But one of the ways to break your fast I always encourage, is by taking communion, taking the bread, taking the cup, celebrating the Lord’s body and His blood. That’s a great way to break the fast. And it’s okay to do it in between a fast also. Be careful how much bread you eat if you’re going to do it in between. If it’s done just as an honor to the Lord, it’s great. But if it’s done because you’re hungry, then you’re really not fasting anymore. But it’s ok to break the fast on communion.

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