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Do you think that there are some Christians who are at risk if they go and see the movie The DaVinci Code because of what Satan tries to do – to get us to doubt God and to doubt God’s Word – that it would be best for them not to see that movie? Or do you really think that people could be intellectual enough to go in, take it as entertainment and then leave it at that?

I think that’s a great question. I personally believe that we shouldn’t be entertained by things that try to undermine the Bible. Now, I don’t believe that The DaVinci Code has the power to undermine the Bible because the Bible has lasted 2000 years and made it through much worse opposition than The DaVinci Code presents.

However, even though I believe that the Bible will always prevail over these kinds of mockings and these kinds of money scams, which is what The DaVinci Code is, just to make money. I believe the Bible will always prevail over those things. But I don’t believe that I will support those kinds of things. Even though I know that the Bible is stronger and even though I know that my faith could withstand watching that movie and not be affected by it, I think that there are a lot people who are young Christians who could be affected negatively and start to question “did Jesus really tell us everything that we know in the Bible?” and “is the Bible authentic?” And the questions that are raised in The DaVinci Code are not worth subjecting little lambs to.

So, I don’t believe that people should go to it who are well-minded and strong-minded and well-intended Christians. But I don’t think that it would be a sin if somebody goes to the movie. I just think that it would be unwise to give our money to people who are supporting something that is contrary to the Word of God.

We have to speak intelligently to the world and to what the world is watching and to what the world is viewing. There are ways to accomplish that without having to go to the movie. I feel like I’ve presented a good explanation on our website at to address this issue with The DaVinci Code so somebody can respond intelligently to their friends and relatives.

But I don’t think that most people are going to The DaVinci Code to pursue theological answers. They’re going for entertainment. And I don’t really think it’s going to be that big of an issue when it comes to “hey, did you see The DaVinci Code? Yeah. What’d you think about God? What do you think about the Bible now?” I don’t know that that’s the effect that movies have on culture. I think movies have less significant of an effect on people than that. I don’t believe it’s theologically deep enough to really inspire a lot of talk about it. Although if it opens somebody’s heart up to the gospel, let’s take advantage of it. Let’s have the right answers. Let’s know how to kindly and compassionately speak to those answers.

Current Events - Books, TV and Movies

How should parents address Harry Potter?

I think that we need to address it with compassion and love for our children and we need to let our children know, particularly when they’re younger and when you are in total control of what they watch and what they go to, I think that we need to tell them, “This is not something that I feel comfortable taking you to because of the witchcraft and because of the fact that it doesn’t promote good over evil. It doesn’t promote anything that we can really draw parallels to in the gospel.” And some movies do draw parallels to the gospel. I have not found that Harry Potter can do that. However, I don’t know enough about those movies to condemn it. When they’re 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 years old, I’m in total control of what movies they see.

When they get to when they’re 16, 17, 18 and 19 years old, obviously, they can make up for any movies that I didn’t let them watch. They can go to whatever movies they want to go to within reason. When your kids are under your charge and your stewardship, the parents should simply say, “I don’t feel comfortable with you watching this movie or taking you to this movie because it doesn’t guard and protect your heart from things that I think are unhealthy for you spiritually and emotionally.” That would be the way that I would explain that to a child.

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough experience with the Harry Potter movies to speak fully intelligently about it, but I know enough Christian people who have studied it and researched it and have found it to be very detrimental and would not encourage parents to let their kids go to those Harry Potter movies. What I would encourage you to do is to look up some websites – I know that John Hagee has some extensive research that he’s done about the Harry Potter movies. You can go to and search in their catalog for materials relating to this. He’s just one person that I’ve heard and seen on TV that has shown an intelligent, studious effort at really understanding those movies and giving good answers for parents to protect their children from it.

It’s important for you to get good information about it. I can say to my kids, “because in my heart, I don’t feel it’s right” and they’ll accept that. But sometimes you need more information than that when you’re dealing with older children. If you look up or google and go to “Christian Movies” or “Christian Critics of Movies” or something like that, then they’ll give you a breakdown of some real intelligent answers as to why you should or should not go to Harry Potter movies.