Emotions - Anxiety

I just don’t seem to be able to get over excessive worrying and negative feelings no matter how hard I pray, what I read or what I listen to. Help!

It doesn’t matter how hard you pray that deals with worry; it’s how accurately that you pray that deals with worry. He said in Philippians 4:6-8, “in all things, do not be anxious for anything,” but then He tells us how. He said, “through prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, make your requests be made known to God and the peace of God which passes all understanding shall guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus."

So if you want to be free from anxiety, if you want to be free from excessive worrying and negative feelings, you go to God and make your requests known to Him. With thanksgiving you make your request known to Him. This is where most of us miss it. We make our requests known to Him and then we stay worrying. You can’t offer thanksgiving and worry all at the same time. And so, the way that we battle worry is through praying and by asking God through the requests that we’re asking Him and then enter into thanksgiving. Because as we give Him thanks, then we experience His power, we experience his anointing, we experience the change that He wants in our lives and we experience the peace that He has for our lives. Again the Scripture is Philippians 4:6-8.

Emotions - Anxiety

Since I was a child, I've been overwhelmed with anxiety. I've tried so many different things, yet I cannot seem to overcome this. Can you please tell me how I can overcome this issue?

First of all, the Bible says cast your cares upon the Lord. So you take all the things you’re anxious about and develop a habit of giving them to God and saying “God, here, these are yours according to Philippians 4:6-8 and according to James 4 and 1 Peter 5.” It’s what you’re thinking about that produces anxiety.

So you have to control what you think about, because what you think about will produce position emotions or negative emotions. So you need to think on God’s Word and meditate on God’s Word. And have his Word playing over and over again in your mind and your heart with tapes, and CDs, all of that to create a new stream of thought. And that stream of thought will eventually produce a new stream of emotions, and it won’t be anxiety. If you meditate on the stream of God’s Word, then it will not produce anxiety anymore. You’ll find the power of that is broken. Also, get our tapes on overcoming anxiety and stress, and that will really encourage you as well.

Emotions - Anxiety

What would be the best way to handle panic attacks?

Well, number one, you have to remember and recognize that panic and fear and anxiety and worry—they all are going to lead to evil doing. So the best way to handle it is to, number one, recognize the consequence of it. Recognize what it’s going to do to you. It’s going to eat away at your life. It’s going to lead to evil doing. It’s going to cause you to have problems with your, physical problems, emotional stress that will lead to physical stress as well. And so, first thing you need to do is recognize how bad it really is. How evil it really is. Not that you’re evil, but it is evil and it will damage you. So that’s number one. Recognize the capacity that it has to damage your life.

Number two, cast your cares upon the Lord. Pause in your life, and cast whatever is bothering you, whatever is on your mind, you roll it over on the Lord. How do you do that? You say, “Lord, I cast this care on You. According to James chapter 4 and 1 Peter chapter 5, I cast this care on You. You care for me and You said that you would take care of the situation. And so I throw this over on You.” And then you enter into praise. You enter into praise, thanksgiving, singing, celebrating.

I’ve been attacked with depression and worry and anxiety like anybody, and I remember one time I was so worried and so consumed with anxiety about a situation that, and I said, “Lord, what do I do about this?” And He said, “Get up and start dancing.” I put some praise music on. Dancing is not something that I do. It’s not in my personality. It’s not in my, you know, my makeup. And yet, that’s what God told me to do. I just started celebrating. I started dancing. Thank God there were no video cameras, because it would have not looked pretty. But it got me out of that anxiety. Because I started to praise God and celebrate with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. And I know that some that think, “Well, I would never do that.” I didn’t think I would ever do that either. Yet there is something that happens when you break out of your self. David danced with all his might. He praised God with all his might. The Bible talks about praising God with dance and with praise and with celebration, with singing.

So I encourage you to do something that you’ve never done before to celebrate the Lord and to praise Him and you’ll, that’s the best way I can think of to deal with panic attacks. And a fourth thing that I would say about it, is the Bible says, Isaiah 26:3, “The mind that is stayed on Him, He will keep in perfect peace.” You need to train your thinking, train your mind to think only on God and God’s Word. And then He will keep you in perfect peace. Perfect peace will be yours.