Supernatural Forces - Angels

Do we have authority to commission angels such as “Angels, I commission you to go and cause money to come?”

Well, you have authority to commission angels, but strictly restricted to speaking the Word of God. The Bible says that angels hearken to the Word of God. So, when you’re speaking the Word of God, then angels will go on your behalf to bring that Word to pass. That’s number one.

Number two, the Bible says that angels came when Jesus resisted temptation. And after resisting temptation, the angels came and strengthened Him. And so, as you resist temptation, angels will come and minister to you.

And when God has a divine assignment for your life, you can ask angels come and help assist you in fulfilling that divine assignment as the angels came for Daniel when he fulfilled his divine assignment, for Joseph to fulfill his divine assignment, for Mary to fulfill her divine assignment. Angels came to help them fulfill God’s divine assignment for their lives. So, discover God’s divine assignment and you will end up experiencing angelic intervention in your life.