Current Events - Abortion

How does God look at someone if it was incest or it was rape and the child in the incest was young and they have an abortion and if a woman gets raped and she has an abortion?

Well, first of all, let me tell you how God looks at anybody who has an abortion. He forgives. He forgives; He forgives; He forgives; He forgives; He forgives. And to those that really were bad and were really wrong and it wasn’t rape; He forgives. And those where it was incest; He forgives. And those where it was rape; He forgives. And those that got pregnant some other way and then got an abortion; He forgives. That’s how God views people who have had an abortion.

Now, does He want you to have one? No. But in a situation where there was incest and you ended up doing that, God forgives you. If you’re thinking about doing it, would He forgive you? Yes, of course He would. Who doesn’t sin without thinking about it first and he forgives every other sin. So, if somebody has an abortion, knowing that they’re going to have one and knowing that it’s wrong, will God forgive them? Of course He will if they ask Him and they receive the forgiveness through the blood of Jesus. But if you know in your heart you shouldn’t do it and you have the strength to have that baby then have that baby and put that baby up for adoption or something else, but do not think that God will send you to hell. If you have an abortion, do not think that God will condemn you for the rest of your life. You will not be outcast. You will not be a sinner. Would that be sin? Yes. Would that be taking the life of an innocent child? Yes. But is there forgiveness in Jesus Christ? Yes, there is. And is there hope? Yes, there is. But first get counseling before you do something like that and see if we can find a better way to take care of that baby if that baby is alive now.