How do I subscribe?

You need software capable of subscribing to a podcast. A few free options are:

*NOTE: These links will take you to other sites. We have no control over the content of these sites. We provide these links so that you might find the third party software required to access podcasts.

1. In iTunes, click on ADVANCED in the menu bar. Then click on “Subscribe to Podcast

2. This box below will appear asking for the “URL,” or web address, of the podcast.

Copy and paste the following:


3. Click ok.
You are done!

What is “Podcasting”?
The name comes from the name of the popular portable audio player, the “iPod,” and from the word, “broadcasting.” A podcast is an audio file that your computer downloads for you automatically from the Internet. Using software such as iTunes or iPodder, your computer can download new episodes of your favorite audio program as they become available online.

What makes a podcast different from other audio that I download from the Internet?
In general, there’s no difference between the audio files themselves. What’s different is the addition of special computer code called RSS that tells your iTunes or iPodder software

1) that a new episode of your favorite program is available, and

2) where to find the new audio file. When the RSS file contains new information, your computer will follow the instructions to find the new audio file. You can tell your software to check for updates as often as you like.

What does this mean to me?
It means you can listen to your favorite program without having to go back to the program’s website to download the file yourself. In fact, your computer will download the new program while you’re doing something else online.

Do I have to have a portable audio player to listen to podcasts?
No. You can listen to podcasts on your computer. The audio files are stored on your hard drive. However, you – or your software – can transfer the files to your portable player so you can listen when you like … where you like!

Which podcasts are available from Changing Your Life Website?
We have set up podcasts of our weekly Sunday services, daily radio program, and daily power principles.