Addictions - Tobacco

Could you address smoking? Because people will tell you in a heartbeat, “Oh no, you’re going to hell.”

Are people going to hell because they’re smoking? No. But they’re going to smell like hell while they’re alive, if they smoke. But, no, smoking doesn’t send somebody to hell just like if I quit smoking that’s not going to send me to heaven. You can’t have it both ways. If smoking sends you to hell, then not smoking should send you to heaven. Well, neither of those is true. The thing that sends us to heaven is believing and accepting what Jesus did for us on the cross. Rejecting Jesus is what sends us to hell.

Now, what’s the problem? Why do people keep sinning then? Because our spirit is saved, our spirit is born again when we get saved. Our spirit is brand new. But our mind is still the same. And that’s why we need to renew our mind with the Word of God, and that will eventually change our behavior. It will change our actions. We’ll stop sinning when we awake to what God has done in our lives.

So, no, you’re not going to go to hell if you smoke. But you’re going to smell like hell if you smoke. So don’t smoke. And you’re going to die a lot faster if you smoke. You’re going to affect a lot other people when you smoke. You’re going to damage and defeat your body if you smoke. You’re going to spend a lot of money that could be going to help the needy and feed the poor. Instead of spending it on cigarettes, give it to God. Okay? These are some of the things that we need to take into consideration. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. So don’t damage it. Glorify God with it.