Your Immediate Deliverance

I want you to expect that today is the day for your breakthrough. Today is the day for something to change in your life. You DON’T have to live in the faint hope that “one day” you’ll be set free!! God says, “NOW is your time.” TODAY IS your freedom day!

Have you been struggling through life, dragging around the chains of fear or anxiety—sickness or pain; a habit or addiction—thinking, “ONE DAY I’m going to be healed and set free”? But God does not say “one day.” He says: “THIS DAY.” Through the prophet Naham, God declares, “For NOW will I break the yoke from off of you and I will burst the bonds in sunder.” (Nahum 1:13) God says, “I will destroy your chains NOW!”

Too many of us put our expectation in the future because we’ve been trained by religion to wait. “Once you’ve done something enough, prayed long enough—then….” We’ve settled that the problem will remain today, but maybe tomorrow we’ll be set free. But if God says now, let no man say tomorrow! You DON’T have to remain in pain and bondage.

God didn’t forgive you over a period of time. If He can forgive you instantly, He can do anything in your life instantly! All you need to do is simply BELIEVE it can happen now. Why not today?

If you have a present addiction or present sickness—God wants you to experience a present deliverance. The word “deliver” means “to be snatched out and rescued.” Paul shows us in 2 Corinthians 1 that God HAS not only delivered us in the past and WILL deliver us in the future, but IS also presently delivering us.

How do you experience this present-day deliverance NOW? 1. REFUSE to accept the lie that things have to remain the same. 2. DECLARE out of your mouth, “I AM delivered & set free!” (Psalm 107:2). My prayer is for you to experience the God of RIGHT NOW! He is with you and He is on your side! You can receive your IMMEDIATE breakthrough! To build your faith even further, get this week’s teaching series, “The Lord Our Deliverer.”

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by Gregory Dickow