Walking in Your Destiny

For too long, we have lived with religious thinking and religious mindsets; thoughts telling us we have to work to earn God’s love. It’s these same thought patterns that make us feel like we must strive to fulfill God’s Word in our lives. Let me tell you, God absolutely has something good planned for you! He has a destiny and a plan for you!

So, how do we walk in this destiny? How do we see God’s purposes fulfilled in our lives? How do we step into the good God has for us; the healing, the promotion, the restoration, the soundness of mind? It certainly doesn’t come because we’re good enough or just try hard enough. It’ll work in your life the same way it worked in Jesus’ life. Your destiny is in the DNA of your identity! If you’ve ever been frustrated trying to make your Christian life work, or trying to make a change in your life, then this message is for you!

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