The Incredible Vision

I can’t escape the incredible vision God has planted in my heart —To bring His life-changing power to this world in these last days —and offer true, practical solutions for your deepest needs!

I was afraid. I was lonely. I was depressed. And I was only a little boy! My mind was filled with questions, confusion, and fear. I had no one to turn to. As I look back, I realize how depressed I was, but I couldn’t explain why. At a very young age, my parents often left us at home alone while at work or when they went out. Sometimes we were scared. Sometimes we were just bored. I’m sure they tried their best . . . but our family didn’t know God’s love — so we were alone in every sense of the word.

The truth is, like many, I was raised by television. We had one of those huge wooden sets — back when the screen was half the size of the frame. That big box was my friend, my comfort, my babysitter. And one night, that box changed my life. What the devil meant for evil, God turned into something good!

A Christian ministry came on the air in Detroit where we lived and something happened in my life. It cut through all the empty programs filling my mind, and without knowing it, I encountered God’s love for the very first time. In that incredible encounter, I felt a moment of comfort. I sensed the warmth of hope — and a tiny seed was planted in my heart. Years went by before that seed produced a harvest in my life. But, I never forgot it — and it set the stage for me to give my life to Jesus. Thirty years later, I have the privilege of planting those same seeds in millions of lives around the world.

Our television program, “The Power to Change Today,” reaches a broadcast area of 625 million homes worldwide. We’re taking God’s love to lost moms and dads . . . offering comfort and hope to lost children . . . and seeing the power of God change lives! In the same way that someone cared enough to broadcast the Word of God and reach out to a lonely young boy like me, we’re slashing through the garbage of today’s unwholesome TV — bringing help and hope from the very heart of God. It’s vitally important work — because so many people today are lonely, depressed, hurting . . . and without the knowledge and power they need to be changed! This is why I was born! God has given me a burning passion to reach out to ordinary, everyday people like you and me, and offer real help. Real hope. Real answers.

The vision God has placed in my heart is clear: to bring the life-changing power of God to this world and provide people with real and practical solutions to their needs. As you know, the most important need anyone has is to know Jesus Christ. But once someone is saved, they need practical and meaningful teaching that will change their life forever. We are seeing God working supernaturally in people’s finances, their health, in marriages, in children — all of them being changed through the power of God’s Word! This ministry isn’t about me. It’s about God and YOU. I simply serve as a coach — a coach is committed to getting every player ready to win the championship. I am committed to helping each player identify what he or she needs to do to overcome every obstacle faced! I want to help you, too. Please understand me: I don’t believe in superficial, disposable relationships. I want to walk this walk with you. I want to mentor you . . . help you grow in your faith. I want to serve as a resource for you . . . so that no matter what area of life you need help in — no matter how you need encouragement or direction — you can receive it from me through this ministry. I want to bring you:
• Something that Works,
• Something that Lasts,
• Something that Empowers You.

That’s what this proven ministry is already doing for so many people. I remember receiving a report of a man who had been watching and listening to our ministry. He was in a major car accident — it totaled his car and certainly should have killed him. A car hydroplaned from the opposite side of the highway, skidded through the median, and hit this man’s car head-on going 60 mph. Tragically, the driver of the other car died, but this man walked away without a scratch. And what was found in his car when it was hauled away? A teaching series I offered on television: “The Covenant of Protection!”

That miracle happened because someone paid the price for me to be on the air, to create this teaching series, to make this life-changing Word available to this man. Would you be that person this month? Just $35 will allow us to reach into the homes of 100,000 people! Would you prayerfully consider planting a seed into this ministry of $35 or more? Your gift of support will mean lost people being saved, people trapped by bondage and addiction being delivered, spiritually weak people being raised up mightily in the faith! Your gift today may touch another little boy like me, sitting alone in front of a TV set, longing for love, hoping for REAL “Reality TV” to touch their life.

Your gift may touch a desperate single mother, or reach into the life of an angry father. Your gift will reach people all around the world — black, white, Hispanic, Arab, Asian . . . young, old and in between. You’ll be following Jesus’ command to preach the Gospel to “all creation.”

The seed you plant today will mean a beautiful harvest of love in countless lives, by the power of God’s Word! Please let me hear from you right away. Join me in this God-given mission. Be a part of this proven work of God. Your investment will be a wise one. And I believe your own life will never be the same!

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