The Goodness of God

I want to share with you the simplest but most important truth you could ever discover: God is GOOD. He is always good. We know God loves us but its vital to understand that He doesn’t love us in word only. He loves us with action. And that action is always a demonstration of His goodness. God’s love & His goodness are inseparable. When you know He loves you & when you know He’s good, you can always rest, EXPECTING something good to happen in your life!

The # 1 reason a person doesn’t believe in God or doesn’t want to follow Him is that they have not yet discovered how good He really is. When you become truly aware of His goodness, what’s not to love? A life touched by the goodness and love of God will never be the same. That’s why Romans 2:4 says, “It is the goodness (the loving-kindness) of God that leads you to repentance. The word “repentance” means “to change your mind & your direction”. When you encounter God’s goodness and love, it causes you to change. It changes you! It draws you to Him and it draws you to a different way of living. When you discover this goodness, it gives you hope. It gives you faith. It gives you a reason to always live in positive expectation. And when others see God’s goodness in our lives, they will want to follow Him too!

Be sure to get your copy of the product offer entitled “Resting on the Pillow of God’s Promises”, and begin to walk in the fullness of God’s goodness in every area of your life! You may be asking, “How can I do that?” Well, all it takes is knowing how good God is. When you know that, you will have confidence that He will keep His promises. Now I know that may seem obvious, and that it’s just a basic thought we as Christians assume, but when we really “get it”, it will change everything about us, and it will bring many people into God’s kingdom with us! We have the power to truly transform the world by experiencing God’s goodness in our lives. Psalm 126 says, “The nations will see and they will say: The Lord has done great things for you.” When we experience His goodness and share it with others, many souls will turn to the Lord Jesus. They will seek His goodness & loving-kindness. When you see that, you’ll be glad you discovered this simple truth: God is GOOD!

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Resting on the Pillow of God's Promises

by Gregory Dickow