Take Back What Belongs to You!

How many of you out there feel as though something is missing from your life? How many of you feel as though you’ve been robbed of your strength, your determination, your faith, your hope? Maybe it isn’t you, but rather a family member who is struggling with their own battles, and you’re asking yourself what you can do in order to fix all of this. Well, let me tell you, God has spoken, and He wants you to know that everything that’s missing in your life can be taken right back!

In John 10:10, Jesus states that “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill and to destroy.” That thief, my friends, the one who takes your hopes and ambitions, he is the devil himself. I can guarantee that each and every one of us have experienced some type of loss because of this thief, but let me tell you, that ends today! Don’t let him continue to take what rightfully belongs to you!

But how? How can we tackle such a daunting task?

Continuing in John 10:10, Jesus explains, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” That right there explicitly states how we are to go about taking back our life. Through the Lord, Our Savior, Jesus, we can muscle up the courage to approach the devil and demand that we are owed what is due! Beginning today, we will take back what is rightfully ours and hold on to it with the strength that comes through the power only the Lord can provide! That authority that comes through and by the name of Jesus has been given to you. Use it today and tell the devil, “enough is enough; I am taking back what’s mine!”

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Take Back What the Devil Has Stolen

by Gregory Dickow