Placing a Demand on the Covenant

There are six words that will see you through anything you’re facing. If you understand what they truly mean, these six words will bring you out of every trial and give you hope for your future!

I have a covenant with God!

You have a covenant with God, and He has offered deliverance to you through this covenant. His power is transferred into our lives when we enter into agreement with Him. Jesus became a curse for us, for all of our sins- past, present, and future- and purchased our inheritance back for us so that we could experience the blessings and promises of God.

The familiar story of the woman with the issue of blood and brings new light to what it means to lay hold to the promises of God. No matter where you are right now; no matter what you may be facing, you need to know that God is faithful to His people, just as He was faithful to the woman who reached out to touch the garment of Jesus. She knew that the shawl represented His perfection and His power, and that if she could just reach out and touch it, she would be healed of her affliction. She touched Him with her faith, and He touched her with His power.

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