Lord of Restoration

I can tell you right now that many folks feel like the pressure is on. People have had to deal with so much, from losing their money, losing their job, and even losing any sense of peace in their life. It’s a tough time, but I have received a word from the Lord himself that tells me there is one thing you will never lose, and that is hope, because God will restore everything in your life plentifully, and all the trouble that you have gone through in your life will be repaid sevenfold, as proclaimed in Proverbs 6:31.

In John 10, it is taught that the devil is a thief, whose sole purpose is to steal, kill and destroy, but let me tell you, God has other plans, and he will bestow them upon you in great abundance! The devil is no match for the promises that God has given to us, and all that has already been taken from us will be given back in a plentiful supply. So never again will you have to suffer and struggle, because the promises of God ensure us that all that has been lost will once again be restored, and the life you will possess will be one filled with hope and deliverance. So stand up boldly today and tell the enemy, “Give it back!”

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by Gregory Dickow