Living Care Free

Jesus didn’t care! And neither should you! He knew everything God had spoken would surely come to pass! And that confidence, that faith, allowed Him to be at peace, even when everyone around Him was consumed by the way the world looked around them. He was able to rest in perfect peace because He knew if God had said to go to the other side, then the Word would get them there. You’re not supposed to be losing sleep at night trying to figure out how you are going to make it or allowing doubt, worry, or fear to run rampant through your thoughts. The Bible says God will keep at perfect peace those whose minds are stayed on Him. Jesus didn’t care – He didn’t worry. And neither should you! Don’t allow doubt and unbelief come along and try to steal your ability to rest. Don’t allow what other people do or think pull you off the Word of God. Stay on the Word and you will see a harvest. In Mark 4, Jesus tells us the Word of God is a seed sown in our hearts. If you want to see God’s promises from His Word manifest in your life, then you need to get the seed of the Word of God into your heart. And when you do, you ‘ll reap a Word harvest in your life!

What’s going on in your life? Do you need healing? Then you need to sow healing scripture in your heart so you can reap healing in your life. Do you need peace? Sow scriptures of peace in your heart and peace will manifest in you!

The challenge is the distance between the time the seed is sown and the time the harvest arrives! You don’t plant an apple seed in your backyard and find a full grown tree the next day. It takes time. Good fruit takes time. Jesus gave us the model to follow when we’re waiting on the Word to come to pass in our lives! Gregory Dickow will show you how to hang onto the Word and see it work even in the middle of the greatest storms of your life! Don’t stop in the middle of a storm! You’re only halfway there! You’re about to break through to the other side – and reap a GREAT harvest in your life!

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Jesus Didn't Care, So Neither Should You

by Gregory Dickow