Finding Lost Things

Recently the Lord spoke to me in a very powerful way. He said, ‘Tell My people, I specialize in finding lost things’. We’ve all lost something — lost finances, investments, jobs, opportunities, relationships, perhaps our health or simply peace of mind.

Frustration, discouragement, doubt, anger and confusion are some of the emotions you feel when you lose something that’s precious and of value to you. But I believe this message will bring you hope and cause you to be expectant because whatever you have lost… GET READY! It is about to be found and returned to you! I will show you how to see everything lost in your life, found; everything stolen from your life, returned; anything damaged in your life, restored.

Take advantage of this special offer and receive my 4-part audio series, “You Can Recover All.” You will be inspired, motivated and POSITIONED to receive not only what you have lost, but also what God wants to place in your life. As you listen, your faith will rise to unprecedented heights as I teach you how to reclaim everything you have lost.

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Lost and Found Kit

by Gregory Dickow